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In general there are 3 major different types of Garage door springs:
Extension Spring
Torsion Spring
Torque Master by Wayne Dalton

The decision for what spring to use is made by the garage layout and door manufacturer. When we change your spring we usually try to stay with the same existing spring system (except Torque Master).

Garage Door Springs


torsion spring replacement system

Torsion Springs
The torsion springs are on top of the Garage door and the springs are installed on the torsion bar.
We use oil tempered Garage door springs. They are absolutely quiet and they never need adjustment.
When changing a spring, you must use springs that match your Garage door weight and height.
Torsion springs are measured by 3 parameters. They are measured in inches:
1. The spring ID – It is the spring internal diameter -i.e 1 3/4″ , 2″
2. The wire size i.e 0.207″, 0.225″
3. The length of the spring-not including the steel end cones -i.e 26″,32″
When changing torsion springs , you need to be aware that the number of different sizes of springs will make the proper replacement .
Mostly our replacement torsion springs will be better than the springs from the original torsion springs that installed with brand new door.
We recommend to use a pair of Torsion springs for heavy doors or double garage doors ,10 foot wide and higher.
When changing torsion springs, it’s highly recommend to change the both springs together since the load on the new spring will be greater and can cause early failure of the spring. The load on your garage door opener and the opposing spring will likely fail soon.

Torsion spring replacements are dangerous and required knowledge and understanding of the Garage door torsion spring system.

extension spring system

Checking your Garage door springs
1. Shut your Garage door
2. The Garage door springs functionality test should be performed manually – If you have Garage door electric opener you should disengaged it from your Garage door by pulling the red
rope that attached to the opener carriage.
3. Manually raise the Garage door up to half way up of the travel, about 2-3 feet from the ground, and let it go. The door should stay at the release height.
If the door descends down to the ground and slammed, your Garage door spring are probably weak and need to be replaced.

Garage Door Off Track

If one or more of your Garage door rollers fell off, or the cables to your Garage door snapped, you can call Pittsburgh Garage Doors for our professional and fast service.  We recommend you to not to move the door manually or using your garage door opener until you give us a call and we will try to give you support over the phone or we can visit your door and fix your problem with 1 year warranty.

Extension Spring
Extension springs will be along the side of your door.
Extension springs energy is stored by stretching/extending when the door is descending to a close.
Garage doors with extension spring system have 2 springs (at least) with the same grade one on each side.
The most popular extension springs are rated between 80 lb for light single door s,up to 340 lb for large double car wooden Garage doors.
Extension springs safety cables
A Garage door with extension springs system need to have safety cables for each one of the springs.
The safety cable will run through the spring and firmly attach to the garage frame stud on one side and to support bracket on the other end.
The safety cable will prevent the spring from flying away in case of failure, and also prevent damage to your property or person.

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