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New Garage Door Opener

I had a great experience with this company! We called for an estimate they came right away. They were a pleasure to deal with. Many of these companies give a low estimate then they surprise you with a higher price at the end. They gave us a real price. The price they quoted was the price we paid. It was very reasonable for the high quality product we purchased.

We bought a garage door opener from them. Their representative helped us choose a great product. He came to install it at a convenient time for us.

We were very finicky and kept calling him to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor. We have young children, so we want the garage door to slowly close and to automatically go back up when a child comes near while it is closing. We also don't want the garage door to stop closing when a leaf blows by. They were a pleasure to work with and they never made us feel like we were a bother. They even took the time to help us key in our password and made sure that we understood every aspect of our product. He showed me how to change the lightbulb, the code and every other detail.

They were very neat and clean and even disposed of our old door and all the packaging for us.

We have had our garage door a few months now and we are very happy with this product. (My kids have been playing with the remotes and they are still like new).


Chaya B.

New garage door

EXCELLENT, provided prompt service!! Extremely polite and professional staff, the quality of work was amazing! We had a complete garage door installation. Service was very cost efficient. The whole process was made easy thanks to the entire crew at Garage Door PGH. If you don't use Garage Door PGH, your not getting the best!!!


Tim T.

Spring Replacement

I am living in the Pittsburgh area and I am lucky to have found these guys here. I was coming back home from work last night pretty late, and I went to close my garage door with the opener. I pushed the button and it closed fine. I woke the next morning to leave for work and tried to open the door. It wouldn't go up and I had no idea why. I called this company and they came within an hour (pretty good timing for it being early in the morning) and quickly assessed the issue. One of my springs had broken. He told me that when you change one spring, its recommended that you change the other spring so they are both new. He gave me a good price and started with the job right away. It took about an hour for him to get done. He also did some maintenance on the door like lubricate the tracks and make sure all the cables were good. He did have to replace one cable because it had torn from overuse. The technician showed up in a large work truck and had all the materials with him. I was so sure I would have to wait a week to get my garage fixed. Im so happy I called these guys. They will be my go to garage door experts from now on for all my properties.


Oren S.

Spring Change

I called the company because one of my garage doors was broken. They came the same day. Their price was very reasonable and they were a pleasure to deal with. I was so happy with their work that I had them replace some components on another garage door to preempt any issues in the future.


Yanki D.

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